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Dr. John R. Nesiba

Dr. John R. Nesiba is proud to lead Flourish Surgical Arts, bringing state of the art techniques and procedures to the Denver metro area. Dr. Nesiba is Denver’s newest fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Nesiba is a Triple – Board Certified Surgeon. He is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, The American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

The opportunity to pursue fellowship training is extremely competitive, and Dr. Nesiba was selected by Dr. Erik J. Nuveen, a nationally and internationally known Cosmetic Surgeon. During his intensive training in general and facial cosmetic surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, Dr. Nesiba completed over 1000 cosmetic surgical procedures, ranging from facelifts and blepharoplasty to breast augmentation and tummy tucks. During this time, he also served as a faculty member at the Oklahoma University Medical Center, working with numerous residents while they fulfilled their plastic surgery requirements.

Prior to his fellowship, Dr. Nesiba completed six years of surgical training at the Detroit Medical Center in Maxillofacial and General Surgery and earned his second doctorate degree in Medicine from Wayne State University School of Medicine in 2015. His time in Detroit focused primarily in two areas: facial reconstruction following trauma, and orthognathic (jaw re-positioning) surgery. Advanced knowledge of head and neck anatomy and meticulous surgical skill are necessary to restore someone’s face and smile. His understanding of form and function combined with his study of aesthetics gives Dr. Nesiba the ability to create customized treatment plans for each and every patient. Dr. Nesiba has completed a total of 9 years of surgical training, throughout which his passion has been in developing healthy relationships with his patients and providing a consistent and highly professional model of patient care.

Dr. Nesiba’s interest in medicine started at a young age after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This experience has shaped his life and made him appreciate what it is like to be on the other side of a patient/doctor relationship. His goal is to ensure that you are safe, comfortable, and educated about your condition and your treatment options.

Why should you schedule a consultation with Dr. Nesiba?

Fellowship Training

Why choose a fellowship trained surgeon?

Fellowship training is specialized, hands-on education with one specific area of focus. Fellows are surgeons who have already completed their residency and have learned surgical principles, medical management of patients, and have a desire to pursue additional training. This training is not required to practice medicine and selection into a fellowship is very competitive. During fellowship, the fellow works with experienced and educated leaders in their respective field.

The relationship during a fellowship is one of a mentor and mentee, with mutual investment in the education process. Daily interactions with one’s fellowship director(s), leads to an accelerated rate of learning and development as a clinician and surgeon. This relationship is a life-long bond, with mentorship extending beyond completion of fellowship and into one’s private practice.

Dr. Nesiba completed his fellowship training under the tutelage of two, triple-board certified surgeons, Dr. Erik J. Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, where he completed 1100 procedures, over the course of one year. Fellowship through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery should be a hotlink to places surgeons in practices with high case volumes and diverse patient needs creating a well-rounded experience in cosmetic surgery.

Dedication to Education

Dr. Nesiba has completed 9 years of surgical training. During this time he has trained at numerous academic institutions, allowing him to absorb knowledge and techniques from multiple sources. He has also earned two doctorate degrees, the first in Dentistry and the second in Medicine. Evaluating patients from different perspectives has made him a more rounded physician.

He Loves His Work

Dr. Nesiba realizes what a blessing it is to have the privilege of providing surgical care for his patients. One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is developing relationships with his patients and learning their stories. He is honored to be able to change the lives of his patients through surgical and non-surgical care and wants them to flourish in their own skin.

Patient Education

Dr. Nesiba believes that all of his patients should understand their individual diagnosis (problems) and what can be done to treat those problems. He will make sure you are presented with more than one solution but will highlight why he believes a specific treatment or surgery fits you best.

Personalized Care

In surgery, as with many things in life, we encounter bumps in the road. During your recovery, you’ll inevitability have questions about what is normal, or what’s next. These may be routine for a surgeon but are unfamiliar to you. Dr. Nesiba understands how concerning this can be, and will make sure to stand beside you every step of the way. You don’t want to choose a surgeon based solely on their “before and after photos,” (Although this is very important). Your surgeon should be someone whom you personally like and is capable of building an open relationship with you. Communication between a patient and their doctor is of the utmost importance when you have concerns.

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