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Body Contouring Basics: Brazilian Butt Lifts and More

Sometimes making changes to your diet and exercise habits are not enough to help you achieve the body you desire. Whether it’s sagging skin from your recent weight loss or stubborn fat cells that won’t diminish no matter how many sit-ups you do daily, body contouring procedures help target specific areas of your body that could benefit from some surgical reshaping. From tummy tucks, body lifts and liposuction to brachioplasty (arm lifts) and Brazilian butt lifts, Flourish Surgical Arts offers many types of effective body contouring procedures for our Denver, Colorado patients.


Mommy Makeovers: Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

Flourish Surgical Arts specializes in “mommy makeovers” for women who want to get their pre-baby bodies back. Mommy makeovers often require multiple types of body contouring procedures, most commonly focusing on the abdomen, breasts, and buttocks. We typically don’t recommend getting a mommy makeover until you’re through with childbearing and you’re at your ideal body weight. You will also get better and consistent results if you are in good overall health. We provide a plethora of services, including:

Helping You Understand Body Contouring in Denver

Because getting any type of body contouring procedure is a big decision, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our Cosmetic surgeon first. During your Body contouring consultation in our Aurora office, you should ask any and every question you have regarding the surgery, recovery or any specific concerns you may have. Whether you’re considering liposuction or a full body lift, it’s perfectly natural for you to feel anxious. You should never feel shy about letting us know how you feel about the procedures we recommend or be uncomfortable asking us questions regarding self-care afterward. We are here to listen, answer questions, and help you Flourish!

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