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Reveal Your Ripped Physique with Male Body Contouring

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women. In today’s society, men face many of the same pressures that impact their body image. The ideal male physique of a toned and flat abdomen, broad shoulders, and a flat chest can be difficult for even the most health-centered and physically-fit men to achieve. Whether due to genetics or age, some men find it difficult to get rid of fatty deposits throughout their body. Flourish Surgical Arts offers male body contouring for Denver men looking to tighten and streamline their body.

fit man on a beach

Learn More About Male Body Contouring

Dr. Nesiba has years of experience with fat grafting and other procedures, and virtually any procedure offered for women works just as well for men. Among those procedures include:

  • Tummy Tuck: Also called abdominoplasty, tummy tucks help to create a slimmer abdomen. Many men also have trouble with excessive loose skin and stubborn fat deposits. A tummy tuck could be a great way to reveal your underlying muscular core.
  • VASERlipo: Dr. Nesiba uses VASERlipo due to its minimally-invasive, precise body sculpting technology. Liposuction can be used to remove persistent fat deposits virtually anywhere in the body. VASERlipo treatments result in less pain and shorter recovery times than other liposuction methods.
close-up of a man's chest
  • Body lift: Body lifts combine two procedures, tummy tucks and butt lifts. Body lifts address excess skin and fat deposits throughout the entire torso. Body lifts are great for men who have recently lost a tremendous amount of weight because massive loss tends to leave considerable loose skin around the torso.
  • Male breast reduction: Also called Gynecomastia, oversized male breasts cause significant emotional harm to our male patients. Men with Gynecomastia often avoid social activities that involve taking their shirt off. Male breast reduction can help create social normalcy to the lives of our male patients.

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If you are a male looking to improve your body and lifestyle, Nesiba is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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