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Reframe How Others See You, with an Eyelid Lift

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But for every window, there is a frame. If you think of the glass in a window as your eyes, then your eyelids are the frame. Paint-chipped and fading wood make for an uninviting and tired-looking window. Blepharoplasty is a way to breathe new life into the window frames of your eyes. Say goodbye to heavy eyelids and a perpetual tired or angry look, and say hello to a revitalized you. Flourish Surgical Arts performs blepharoplasty for Denver patients, restoring their confidence and reimagining how others view them. How others see you can have an impact on your self-esteem, and you’ll look and feel more approachable after this procedure.

beautiful african american woman with a surgeon touching her face

Restore Your Self-Confidence with an Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure that can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids to remove excess skin. This will restore the normal almond shape of the eye. Blepharoplasty is also ideal for treating excessive or protruding bags under your eyes. In addition to providing a cosmetic improvement, blepharoplasty can also have a practical impact on your life by removing sagging eyelids that protrude into your field of vision.

  • You will look and feel more refreshed, and you’ll give off a warmer and more welcoming vibe to the people around you.
  • You’ll experience clearer vision. Blepharoplasty may improve peripheral vision in some patients.

Improve the way you look and feel with blepharoplasty in Denver. Flourish Surgical Arts has years of experience performing eyelid lifts on our patients.

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If you’ve noticed that others view you as tired and angry, or if you’ve felt your appearance is holding you back, the time may be right for an eyelid lift. Our staff members are available to answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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