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Complete Your Journey with FTM Top Surgery

FTM top surgery removes glandular breast material and skin and re-contours the chest to fit a male aesthetic. The difference between female and male breasts is one of the most visible differences between the sexes, and most patients find this procedure essential in their journey toward their true self. The goal of the surgery is to masculinize the chest, highlighting the underlying pectoralis major muscle, and downsizing the nipple areola complex. When you come to Flourish Surgical Arts, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Dr. Nesiba is honored to help you complete your transition, and help you to feel like your true self.

close-up of a man's chest

Dr. Nesiba Will Make Sure You Understand How Your Surgery Will Work

FTM top surgery removes glandular breast tissue and skin from both breasts and re-contours the chest to create a male appearance. There are numerous techniques available to Dr. Nesiba when performing this surgery, so it is important that you consult with him before undergoing the procedure. Dr. Nesiba will clearly explain your options to you, but they generally depend on the amount of breast tissue and excess skin present in your body, as well as your desire for nipple sensitivity.

Visit Flourish Surgical Arts for a Consultation

In addition to FTM Top Surgery, Dr. Nesiba performs facial masculinization surgery. Flourish Surgical Arts provides a calm and relaxing environment and offers consultations.

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