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Cross the Finish Line with Body Contouring Following Massive Weight Loss

You’ve made positive changes in your life by shedding excess weight and improving your health.  We understand what an accomplishment this is and are honored to help you complete your journey. You’re faced with a new problem now that you’ve lost a large amount of weight: excess skin and localized fatty deposits. Enter body contouring. Body contouring is a staged, multi-procedure treatment that addresses the loose and sagging skin that accompanies large amounts of weight loss and reveals the muscular frame that hides beneath.

fit woman stretching her arms up, surgical guides drawn on arm, abdomen and thigh

Combine the Benefits of Several Procedures to Shape Your Contours

Body contouring following weight loss is not for everyone. You should maintain a stable weight for three to six months and be nutritionally sound with no vitamin or mineral deficiencies before undergoing any procedures. Most importantly, you should understand that this is the finish line of a long and difficult journey, and you should be committed to continuing your healthy lifestyle.

Just like mommy makeovers, body contouring after weight loss is a combination of different procedures, all designed to correct the natural byproducts of losing large amounts of weight. As such, you could undergo any number of procedures, including:

Body Lift

Body lifts combine both tummy tucks and buttock lifts to refine your entire torso. This procedure will remove unsightly loose skin left behind by weight loss and contour your torso in subtle ways.


Arm lifts will help reveal those toned and muscular arms. Individuals who lose weight often have loose skin or pesky pockets of fat that doesn’t respond to exercise. Brachioplasty tightens the skin on your arms and allows you to show off muscular definition.

Breast Reduction

Women who lose large amounts of weight are often left with breasts that are too large for their new frame. This can lead to daily back pain that becomes burdensome. Breast reduction can help bring your breasts in harmony with your new frame.


Just as weight loss affects your body, weight loss affects your face. Sometimes this leads to a loss of elasticity. A face lift will tighten the skin on your face and act as the first thing people see in the new you.

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Flourish Surgical Arts performs body contouring in Denver for patients who have recently lost weight. If you’ve succeeded in creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself but are now faced with unsightly excess skin, contact us today. We’re available by appointment only.

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